“Love Out of Order”

“We Sin, when our loves are out of order.”- St.Augustine

I heard this quote and it floored me, because when I consider the moments when I have “sinned," or fallen greatly, something in my life wasn’t prioritized right. 

Love of God

Love of Family

Love of Friends 

Love of Career

Love of Money

These loves are truly in hierarchy for me. We obviously love them all but our love towards God and family, is in priority to our love of career and money. 

As I explore the quote from St.Augustine, he is so right that sin begins when these loves get rearranged. When I am functioning with everything in the right place in life, sin evades me because everything in my current life is flowing smoothly. 

I am challenged to keep my loves in order and in the right priority, not to avoid sin because humanity by nature is sinful. However, I want to prioritize the right things that breathe life into me.