Happy New U

2017 was the end of an old “U”...

The end of being prideful in areas to cover up the high levels of insecurity I felt. 

Embarking upon certain opportunities to prove to others, what I thought would be pleasing to their eyes. 

Surrendering my heart fully to the Creator, and yielding to whatever that looks like. 

Changing my diet to seeking daily to put great things in my body which has in turn allowed me to feel energized, mentally , physically and spiritually. 

Learning to sit in silence

Stopped pursuing people in a way that causes me to avoid my true self

Letting the world show me what they love the most about me

Understanding if they don’t love everything they see , that those areas within me are still lovable

A New Year is a new opportunity to understand and grow and as long as I am growing , it’s proof I exist. 

Anything that is healthy , I have realized; grows. 

I am committed to eternal growth. 

Committed to challenging myself to be uncomfortable and sacrifice in areas the force the new me, to fully emerge 

Happy New Year to a New Me and a New U