Education is a huge passion of Ulysses’ career, and he has been very fortunate to maintain several positions that give him the ability to make a great impact in the area of Jazz and Performing Arts education around the world. He is in demand as Lecturer, Clinician, Professor, Consultant and maintains a position as Artistic Director at his family Non-Profit Organization, Don’t Miss A Beat in Jacksonville, Florida and  is a professor at the Juilliard School in the Jazz Studies Department. 


Don't Miss A Beat

Don’t Miss a Beat was founded in 2008 by Ulysses Owens, Jr. and his family. Growing up in the Crystal Springs area of Jacksonville’s Westside, Ulysses was introduced to music early on. He started playing drums at just two years old and his mother, Gwendolyn, soon enrolled him in classical piano lessons. In high school, Ulysses attended the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, where he became part of the school’s inaugural jazz program and graduated with a full scholarship to the Juilliard School. Visit our website here!

Ulysses Owens  Jr. Online Drum Course

I am really honored, that Peter Martin of whom I work with during my time with Christian McBride; branched off and started a website featuring Online Masterclasses with some of the most talented jazz artists in the world. I am honored to be part of that roster. October 2018, my course, “Finding Your Beat”, was released and is being sold globally. If you have ever desired to study with me; here is an opportunity to experience my teaching philosophy through exploring over 15 lesson topics. Visit the website here!

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Edward Waters College 

In 2019 Edward Waters College (EWC) will begin offering classes focusing on business principles of the music industry, which is essential to helping students with their post-college careers.  The initial course consisting of five monthly classes will begin on February 11, 2019. 

The music business course is the brainchild of Jacksonville native, Ulysses Owens Jr., a GRAMMY-award winning jazz drummer and Juilliard faculty member, along with Dr. Lucy Chen, EWC music department chair.  Together, they recognized that a fundamental understanding of key business challenges is crucial to enabling new music grads success in the industry.  According to Owens, who has seen first-hand the need for being more than a great musician to survive in the music industry, “you must also understand finance, marketing, how to decipher contractual language, and most of all, how to build and maintain relationships.”  His lecture series, “Carving Out Your Own Place in the Music Industry in the 21st Century," has been presented at the University of Chicago, the Stanford University Career Development Center, Florida A&M University, and Eastman College of Music, among others.

Owens recently conducted a well-received music entrepreneurship workshop at EWC that will be expanded upon during the newly established course, which will be taught by Owens on a pro-bono basis.  Partial financial support for the program is also being provided by Community First Credit Union, where Owens recently received an Artist Grant through the Community First Cares Foundation.