Bad, Good or, Great

Listening to a favorite podcast, the interviewee  stated that people generally experience life by making three categories of choices. 

Bad Choices, which reflect the worst of me internally and also reflects that you have the potential to choose things out of fear, or even complacency. 

Good Choices keep you busy, yet comfortable , but aren't always completely aligned with your long-term purpose. 

Great Choices , create a new terrain for your life and is in tandem and alignment with your destiny. Most of the time pursuing Greatness can force you into habits, and levels of self-discipline that seem  inconvenient, uncomfortable, but necessary for unparalleled success.

I started looking back at decisions I have made in the past, and the one category that was interesting to me was the good category. I began to think about good relationships, good performances, good conversations,, and good opportunities. They were necessary but not life changing. Doing good things can become addicting, and there are even proverbial references like, "All good things come to those who wait." However, I have always been enamored with trailblazing and leaving an indelible mark in this world. . 

Good is simply not enough for me. 

When it comes to bad decisions, I have made my share of them; however, they are a little easier for me to avoid because I don't like wasting time. As I get older, bad decisions seem to  have the potential to distract me and delay me. Not that I am in a rush to the finish line, but I certainly don't want to be in the race longer than I need to.  

When I consider what can allow me to make better decisions, I consider my core: that inner voice and sanctum that rules all my decisions. 

One of the things my mother taught me, was the gift of prayer, and within that gift; she would say, “Slow down son and make time to hear that inner voice." It has been helpful because the difference between bad, good, and great for me is that feeling of peace or conflict. I try to steer clear of feeling conflicted on the inside and face whatever is necessary for optimal clarity.

My eternal pursuit is to avoid the bad, make very little space for good, so that great decisions become a habit in my life.