What’s Next?

As musicians and creatives we get plagued with this interesting question, “What’s next?”

Family members, parents, and co-workers constantly say, “We are so happy for you and see things are going well,” and then they ask, “but what happens after this gig?”

Even while on a current gig, other musicians will say “Hey man, great job and hope to play together again, so what’s next?”

What’s next?

What’s freaking next?

My question is, why can’t I just deal with today? 

As a creative choosing everyday to pursue my dream and only commit my life to things that I believe in, there is already a heightened level of anxiety that is built within that pursuit. 

What I find is that anxiety and creativity don’t mix well in the same room. One deals with the infinitive possibilities and letting one’s imagination run wild. The other deals with structuring the imaginative mind and making it produce results and make sense of it’s contents. This tension can add serious pressure to daily life. 

I find that daily as a musician, I constantly have to have the mirror talk, and in many ways those talks have many subjects and yet the same subject. 

You are enough. 

Stay committed even though some days it feels uncertain. 

More is coming. 

Why is it to make myself feel better that i have to tell myself that more is coming? The fact that I am living in the reality of so many amazing things that have already arrived should be enough. 

Personal admittance, when I am at home writing and goal-setting, I am addicted to looking at my calendar daily, but get this, I am hardly looking at the current date. I am constantly looking forward and anticipating and trying to strategically structure what could be next. 

What if I challenged that thought and actions with the truth that, I am what’s next?

My presence and commitment to the moment is next. 

What’s next?

No more fear, no more anxiety and I will be thankful declaring that today is now enough for me.