2018 Was , 2019 will be …

2018 was...

Letting go of relationships that were unhealthy; even when I wasn’t ready to let go of them. 

Saying yes to myself, even when it meant saying no to others that I love still. 

Letting God into my mind, and heart, not just my soul. 

Deciding what I will do musically and not letting it be decided for me. 

Being okay with not being part of the “in crowd.”

Loving the parts of me that I am looking forward to others loving more. 

Being patient with myself.

Accepting, embracing and truly accepting the process.

Being more quiet. 

Writing more and saying less.

Being alone until my purpose-mate sitting next to me.

Seeking to have more integrity than pleasure. 

2019 Will be… 

What God wants it to be.

What God has already declared it will be. 

A year of establishment. 

A year of true self happiness. 

A year of not faking the funk. 

A year that the real me will be rewarded for being the real me. 

Managing my income with more wisdom so I can strategize my outcome more. 

Being generous but not foolish.

Seeing fully and hearing fully.

So, 2019 let’s start rocking, cause it’s getting ready to be a party :)