Quality Questions

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask”- Aaron Lamont Curry

I have always been very inquisitive as a kid, and would ask so many questions to the point where my mother would say, “Son, I love you, but I need a break!”

Most children are pretty inquisitive because there is a great deal of the world that they don’t understand, but the beauty is they know that they don’t know a lot, hence the questions. 

One of the reasons I love hanging out with my “godson,” Aidan is that he asks tons of questions, and what’s also funny is that he’ll ask things that quite honestly I don’t know the answer to. I remember one day I was hanging out with him and his mother, and he asked some kind of geographical question, and I turned to her and said, “So what do you do when you really don’t know the answer?” She laughed and said, “I Google it.” Thank God for Google, but I honestly started taking advantage of questions I didn’t have the answer to, and would invite him into that reality and challenge him so that we could both figure out the answer together. This discovery turned our interactions into something way more substantive, cool, and inviting to him, I think. Instead of me acting like I was the all knowing older person, I was vulnerable to let him know that many times I am just like him. 

What I find, is when you become an adult, at least for me, I sort of felt I had to start playing dress up, put on a suit and tie, walk in a room, and act like I had it all together. When the reality is that a few years ago, I was just taking myself way to seriously. All of things are part of maturing, but I also think the beauty of maturity is to still reflect my youth, and bring both worlds together. 

I also feel in life when I acknowledge what I don’t know, and assume the childlike manner of being inquisitive, people are so open to explaining things to me, and sometimes they tell me even more than what I asked for. 

My challenge is to always have more questions in life than answer, because I feel that way I’m setting myself up to get my brain full of beautiful new information daily. 

I want to continue to be more curious in this life and create beautiful questions, and I have faith that life will continue to unfold the daily answers.