Black Man

Stay indoors Black Man because there is no justice for you outside.

Stay inside your home that has walls which are more concerned about your safety than the people who are supposed to protect and serve you.

Sit at the kitchen table and feed yourself with food and knowledge that will sustain you and give your limbs the strength to endure the run that awaits you. 

Shower yourself with love, power and might because there is a world that wants you to be weak and builds economies and systems around your weaknesses.

Black Man, we have been equipped to build nations, protect our queens, father our children and carry societies on our backs  

 Black man, stay indoors because outside, is the battle of a lifetime!

 Personal Statement…

Many don’t realize that as a black man in this current day and time, no matter your profession, network, or level of opportunities and accomplishments you have amassed. The lives of Innocent men are being slaughtered daily without justice, more names than I have space for on the page...

This is Dedicated to the memory and lives of Stephon Clark, Alton Sterling and every living Black man who fears the same thing happening to them.