Boy vs. Man

(Dedicated to my Father Ulysses Owens Sr)

Boys lie, men confront. 

Boys blame others. Men look within and take accountability for themselves.

Boys ask girls what they want. Men make plans for what their woman has communicated they need.

Boys jump to conclusions. Men deal from a place of resolve. 

Boys cry in public wanting someone to reduce, console and make them feel better. Men cry in private and pray for God to make them better. 

Boys want to be raised. Men raise boys. 

Boys lay girls down and ask only for sex. Men empower, and inspire all of the woman’s senses so much so that she wants to create an opportunity to make love, so no part of her is left untouched by that man. 

Boys ask for money. Men make money. 

Boys wait to be told what to do. Men see what needs to be done and tell boys to do it. 

Boys should be allowed to be boys and be raised by Men.

Men should show boys what being a man looks like. 

There was a very interesting fomenting in my life when I shifted from having a boy’s mindset and started thinking like a man 24/7. I used to vacillate between the two, but learned through the good and bad, that being a man is an honor and it takes a commitment and work every day to live up to that honor. 

A dear friend sent me a “love letter to men” recently and it was so wonderful, but it also encouraged me to get up and continue to be someone worthy of receiving that letter. 

Men are often scorned but that’s because people don’t understand what stage of boy/manhood that person is in. Understanding what stage that man is in his life will help people deal with him accordingly. 

From …

A Man