Why I Chose to Blog

People often ask me, as I’m sure they do you: "How are you doing?”. Time and time again, I find myself giving these formulaic answers, that are untrue. I don’t create these responses because I enjoy lying, but more so because I can’t honestly tell someone how I am doing in 5 minutes or less. So, I am creating this space to externalize my thoughts, making them and certain aspects of my personal life, public, in hopes that I can better connect … with people who can relate to (or find meaning) in my experiences, to the different communities that I belong, and most importantly, I want to reconnect with myself. At this time in my life, I seek to celebrate, not only my achievements, but, my imperfections and what makes me a flawed human. I desire to share my truth(s) : what I am still discovering about myself, what parts of me are unresolved and what I’m ashamed or proud of, and use this space to work through these contemplations.

I once heard Maya Angelou say: “If you are angry, don't fight the anger. Instead as an artist, paint your anger, write your anger, discover poetry within your anger, and compose melodies to express your anger”… My favorite she exclaimed: "Dance your anger!"

I have started becoming aware that the human experience is such,  that if we live more as a community, we can through expression of our own truths seek to find SUPREME ACCEPTANCE of others, which means, we are not separate but WE ARE ONE living out similar truths just slightly differently.

This blog is also for me to work on writing. I realize that in recent years, I’ve written emails with agendas that only pertain to the part of me that desires to succeed in my professional endeavors.  Yet, I do enjoy writing and want to develop my ability to express myself more clearly through this medium.