High Frequency People (To Michelle & Theo)

One of the joys is my life is the people that I have been blessed to encounter and know.

Their worth to me goes way beyond their accomplishments and really gets to the core of their character.

I have a few absolute rules in my life that I will share.

I have to eat great food. 

I have to drink great wine.

I have to be around great people.

Greatness is an undeniable quality for me that is attributed to the quality of character of something or someone.

I know people from all walks of life, creeds, religions, etc., but I am often turned on by people who are connected to their inner core, and have made the saying “know thyself,” part of their daily journey.”

Most people who are successful, in my opinion, have very unique approaches to how they live their lives. As I like to put it, they live and function on a high frequency.

On thing I love about these peculiar minded folks is that they fight every day to remain clear and function on a certain level. As a result, they can be very private and very challenging to get in touch with. 

There are many people in the world,but not many are aware of the wavelength or frequency they need to inspire change, and if they are aware, then, in my opinion, they don’t seek to consistently be on that frequency.”

Three friends I had dinner with one week, illustrate perfectly the affect operating on a high or low frequency can have on me and those in my life.  

The first person I had dinner with is an event planner, and she is just so incredibly smart. She said so many things that I love, including this phrase in particular, “Failure and success are the same thing because we both find placement from them.” When she said that, my mind went crazy!

Next, I had drinks at this cool spot with my friend who is a great artist. During our conversation, in which he was discussing combating some personal insecurities, he said to me, “Don’t get tangled in the messiness of the ego because you can get lost for ages.” What he said still resonates with me. 

Dinner with the 3rd friend was quite different for a few opposite reasons...

What I surmised from my time with all three people was that the first two were on a high frequency, and because we were on the same wavelength, everything we did that night was all connected. Whether we were ordering food, drinks, or talking to the waiters, we were in sync. We even turned over our beloved cellphones so we could be completely tuned into each other. The other person? well, no judgement, but we weren’t operating on the same frequency. 

My goal now is to deal with people who are on a high frequency, consistently! As someone once said, “Negativity can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency," so vibrate higher. Trust me, life is much easier that way. This contributes to the overall temperament of my life; and allows me to be consistently positive, which I find makes daily life a little easier.

Vibrate Higher my friends!