Generation “A”  (A, for Anxiety)

“We feel we are like one feet away from stardom, or one post away from famous!"

During a conversation between me and my dear friend Shola in Paris one morning, she said, “Sometimes I have so much angst and anxiety daily; I lack clarity on what to do next.”

I then respond, “Damn, Shola you are so right; this generation lives in a constant state of worry because our worth is hinged on the immediate acceptance of each other.”

We have have become “Generation A,” a group of minds and bodies that are motivated daily to keep our motivation solely based on others’ motivation towards us. 

The sad thing is that, we weren’t raised that way. We were reared by the Baby Boomers who taught us to gain more. Be it in college where they cheered us on in the science labs, or technology firms, art school and every other type of school that was created to fit our specialty. They used their savings and purchased plane tickets for us to travel places they may have never seen. Or maybe they packed our lunch and bags so we could go to boarding schools and experience a facet of life they didn’t get to experience. 

It got us far. We created, Social Media,Youtube, our minds and ideas have completely revolutionized the basic necessities of life; communication, and how we connect. We will never buy groceries the same; we won’t even look at TV the same, listen to music the same or hell nothing major in our life will occur without us showing others it’s happening at the moment, thanks to “Facebook Live.”

But… “Generation A,” we lost something and gained something. We lost our privacy and gained anxiety. 

We can’t return, because we have come too far, but I once heard someone say, “You are 75% on your way to solving any problem if you are aware of it. “

“Generation A,” let’s meditate and come back to our core, and ask the Creator to remove this anxiety. Let’s connect for connection’s sake and not worry about the likes, but be satisfied in liking ourselves enough to give ourselves this moment.