Starting the day with U

Every year, I am always spiritually lead to fast for a significant amount of time from food, social media, and other things so that I can just gain additional clarity from God about what the next direction in my life is. 

Often that clarity also assists with my approach about how I should live and conduct myself. Many times in the past, I have found myself praying and desiring things that I and my spiritual demeanor weren’t equipped for.

However, during this week, I experienced so much peace because I changed my daily routine, and that change allowed me to think about how many times I don’t start my day thinking about me and what’s best for me internally. 

Normally, I wake up, hit the snooze button a few times, then completely surrender that it’s time to get out of the bed and make up my bed, (My mama and daddy taught me right.) Ha! I then proceed to pick up my phone and immediately get lost in text messages, emails, and the dreaded Social Media tunnel. Once I run around my apartment with phone in hand, trying to do everything and be the most, I then manage to get out of the door and start my day. 

The week of fasting, I woke up and said some gratitude mantras, prayed, then checked a few emails and texts, went and had tea and though about certain inner spiritual thoughts. I also made sure that I wrote every day about the fast, my thoughts concerning the sacrifice, and what I was gaining from this moment. 

I eliminated the anxiety that comes from social media or starting my day with these questions at the focus:

What to do?

Who thinks of what I do?

How do I think of what I do?

Is who I am being realistically portrayed?

I have resolved that I need to start my day differently and incorporate more of the “fast behavior” into my morning because my days have so much clarity and purpose to them, and I also feel more prepared for my day. In addition, start my day with me as a focus instead of what others think of me has helped me welcome in peace, understanding, and joy. 

Many Buddhist monks, and those seeking to live on a higher spiritual plain, often live a “fasted life,” and are in consistent pursuit of blocking out a certain degree of the world so they can live successfully in it; I’ll try find the balance in between all of it, and stay connected to God who created me.

2018 Was , 2019 will be …

2018 was...

Letting go of relationships that were unhealthy; even when I wasn’t ready to let go of them. 

Saying yes to myself, even when it meant saying no to others that I love still. 

Letting God into my mind, and heart, not just my soul. 

Deciding what I will do musically and not letting it be decided for me. 

Being okay with not being part of the “in crowd.”

Loving the parts of me that I am looking forward to others loving more. 

Being patient with myself.

Accepting, embracing and truly accepting the process.

Being more quiet. 

Writing more and saying less.

Being alone until my purpose-mate sitting next to me.

Seeking to have more integrity than pleasure. 

2019 Will be… 

What God wants it to be.

What God has already declared it will be. 

A year of establishment. 

A year of true self happiness. 

A year of not faking the funk. 

A year that the real me will be rewarded for being the real me. 

Managing my income with more wisdom so I can strategize my outcome more. 

Being generous but not foolish.

Seeing fully and hearing fully.

So, 2019 let’s start rocking, cause it’s getting ready to be a party :)