Building Bridges 

August 21, 2018

“Everything you will ever need will come through a relationship.” Dale Bronner 

I remember my first day of school at Juilliard, when former President Joseph Polisi said to the students, “Look to your right and to your left; these are faces that you will see the rest of your life in your career, so treat these relationships carefully.”

I have seen in society how we are taught to place so much emphasis on “i” without realizing how being able to build and maintain a relationship is what will determine our reach and success in life.

We are people first, and our jobs and careers are secondary. I really that the times were I have made my biggest mistakes connecting with someone have been when I focused on what I wanted from them, instead of on their humanity. 

I’ve learned a few things about building relationships professionally and personally that I’d like to share. 

Start a relationship with no expectations

One thing that I find has really helped me build genuine connections, is to not have an angle that distracts me from seeing a person for who they are. Now, to behest, this is hard for me because I am very strategic, but when people sense that, it can repel them immediately. 

Honesty always wins

With all of the mentors that I have been fortunate to have, honesty is what helped me and what I continue to rely on to build serious connections. Sating my true intuitions in the beginning is key because nothing can ever be built on a dishonest foundation. 

Give you way to where you want to go

My mother used to always say, “We need to be givers, and even when you don’t feel you have what you desire, continue sowing because God will bless those who give.” So basically, life gives to the giver, and takes from the taker.

Allow Space

Any powerful relationship I have ever had, took time, trust and patience; there should be no rush in building genuine relationships. 

So far, I have listed positive ways to build and maintain relationships, but sometimes I have completely ruined relationships because of the following;

My ego 

Thinking I deserved something, that quite honestly I didn’t, and seeing to adjust my attitude to the situation. 

As human beings , we are so intricate. I know that as my life has continued to change, some people now view me as a resource or as someone they want to connect with so they can accomplish their goals in life. However, I always respond to those who really want to know me for who I am, and not for what I do.”

This is honestly so difficult for me, because it’s easy to just focus on what I want, but as I gain more wisdom in life, I find that the key in building bridges in relationships, is truly being intuitive and genuine. Everyone must come to the table with something, and that way a great exchange can happen. 

I get questions all the time, about how did I get the chance to experience some of the things, I am blessed to experience but it all started from learning how to positively build relationships and when I make mistakes within relationships; seek to humbly rebuild them. 

"Fake it, till you Make it”

July 17th, 2018

I remember years ago, after I had just finished college and was traveling and touring London, England, I was so broke financially at that point in my career, I couldn’t even afford to really eat outmatch on the road. I was on tour with an artist and I knew dinner was at least covered at the venue and breakfast at the hotel, so I had to figure lunch out. Ha

So I had a plan, I was going to take $100 USD and, as my grandmother would say, “pinch off of it,” and I would be good for a week. So I went to the currency exchange station and gave them my $100 USD and got back 44 GBP (British Pounds). I was mortified and wondered how the heck I would make it through the week. But, guess what? I did make it. I got creative and found some amazing little “hole in the wall, spots and met some great people in the process. What this taught me, was that in life, you won’t always be in the same position, most challenges are merely temporary; so I have to not let them consume me or my perspective. 

Sometimes I have learned to make moves towards my goals and it may have required having to “fake it till I make it, “ but over time I always had the faith I would get “there,” even through my concept of what “there,” is has changed through the years. 

I once read a definition of an entrepreneur, and it stated that “An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take financial risks to build a business.” I am thankful how life has shifted in terms of progress and how my sweat equity has continued to build through the years and create multiple returns upon that initial investment. 

Currently, while writing this piece I am back in London staying at a nice hotel and can pretty much dine where I want, and I owe that to the music and the process of staying committed to life and growth. So, anyone who may be “pinching off it“ right now, just know that better days are ahead. You may be faking it until you make it right now, but choose to stay committed to the struggle because, trust me, it will turn into progress.